About UhrTeil AG

Competence in Micromechanics
UhrTeil AG is a micromechanical design, engineering and manufacturing enterprise in Sirnach, near Lake Constance, in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

UhrTeil AG was founded and is managed by Andreas Strehler who works as an independent watchmaker since 1995. He designs, constructs and manufactures complicated watches under his own name. He is a Prix Gaïa laureate and a member of the AHCI, the Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants.

UhrTeil AG was founded in 2005 as Andreas Strehler’s movement production company and to develop, design and manufacture movements and components for the watch industry.

Today, UhrTeil AG offers a wide variety of services in micromechanics to customers from different industries.

UhrTeil AG is an experienced partner for the construction and manufacturing of escapements, micromechanical differential gears, conical angular gears, planetary gears, complex internal and external gears and micro ball-bearings. For its conical angular gears, UhrTeil AG has developed an optimised proprietary teeth design.

With its know-how, UhrTeil AG is capable of developing micromechanical parts – from single components to complete watch movements – at short notice at rapidly.

In addition to the development of new solutions, UhrTeil AG also offers the re-engineering of the constructions of its customers, reverse-engineering of existing parts and the optimisation of constructions in respect of function and efficient production (industrialisation).

Many customers use the flexible production capabilities for the outsourcing of the manufacturing of micromechanical components and groups of components in small and medium quantities.

In our production, the focus lies on the optimal co-ordination of different production processes, i.e. the combination of CNC-milling and wire eroding (EDM) or turning and wire eroding, to ensure perfect compatibility of the individual components.

Laser engraving in various depths and laser texturing of surfaces of micromechanical and small components completes UhrTeil AG’s palette of production technologies.