Watch Engineering


Watch technology: Solutions for your projects

With 25 years’ experience in constructing and manufacturing complicated watch movements, we can implement your project on any level:

  • General contractor for the construction of watches: Idea, concept, construction and production of watch movements, cases and clasps including assembly and control
  • Construction of complete movements, modules for existing basic movements, groups of components for individual complications and functions as well as individual parts
  • Revision and optimisation of existing constructions
  • Industrialisation of existing constructions

Our constructions meet industry standards for a potential industrial production. At UhrTeil AG, precision is a matter concerning the whole of the component and not only the fitting dimensions. Consequently, also small series and single pieces can be assembled, serviced and repaired efficiently.

Our portfolio for the watch industry covers the entire spectrum of movement construction from simple manual winding movements to separate assemblies for special functions (complications) and complete complicated movements.

In particular, UhrTeil AG specialises in the construction of:

  • Tourbillons
  • Proprietary escapements
  • Remontoirs d’├ęgalit├ęs
  • Chronograph mechanisms
  • Astronomical and other complications with complex inner and outer toothed gear wheels
  • Special mechanisms for displaying the time, such as changing and belt driven displays
  • Power reserve indications and other complications using micromechanical differential gears.
  • Automatic winding mechanisms and hand winding mechanisms with conical angular gear trains using our proprietary optimised tooth construction

In addition to the development of our own solutions, we offer the revision of your constructions and the optimisation of existing constructions in view of the function and an efficient production (industrialisation).